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April 2019 - Volume 15 - Issue 10




Thought Leadership

Thought leadership has become a buzzword among executives - everyone wants it, but not everyone has a clear understanding as to what it is.

Thought leaders are subject matter experts that are widely respected and regarded for their insights. When a thought leader speaks, people sit up and take notice.
But how does one become a thought leader? Crafting a public relations plan is a great way to start. In fact, PR and thought leadership strategy go hand in hand. The key to thought leadership can be summed up in one word: Visibility. Here are several tips to assist you achieve your thought leadership goals.
Be Accessible
Nurture relationships with the media, bloggers, and industry event organizers. Utilize traditional and new media platforms to share your expertise.
Maintain a Strong Online Reputation and Boost Your SEO
If people can't find you online, they won't seek you out. Leverage your social media accounts to engage with your audience, especially when they comment or reach out to you. If a negative comment or complaint arises, act quickly to resolve the issue.
Collaborate on Projects
Combine your name with other high-profile executives in your industry to increase your impact. Whether it’s an article, or speaking engagement, collaboration is an effective way to boost your visibility.
Guest Post Strategically
Determine which websites or trade publications your audience go to, and find out how you can contribute.

Select Your Speaking Engagements Wisely
Be selective. As your experience grows, requests for speaking engagements will increase, but focus on high-profile events where your target audience will be present. Don’t dilute your message by accepting every speaking opportunity.
Create Content Consistently
Consistency breeds dependability, but beware of self-promotion. You don’t want to come across as self-serving.
Lead the Conversation
Part of being a leader is to own the conversation. Take the lead, take a stand. Incorporate data into the conversation to prove your point and provide solutions to industry problems.
Conduct Surveys
Share your survey results with journalists and show how this new information will impact your industry. These findings can also be repurposed into blog posts, social content and infographics.
Developing a solid reputation takes time and energy. Done right, thought leadership can help you earn the respect of your target market and peers and position you as an industry heavyweight.

Shira Kastan Goldstein is President of ADG Strategy Group which offers Strategic Consulting, Government and External Affairs and Communications and PR services. She can be reached at

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