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Monday June 17, 2019

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March 2019 - Volume 15 - Issue 9




To Join or Not To Join … That’s the Question

For association management professionals within organized medicine, that is a common question we are asked by physicians as they consider allocating their limited membership dollars toward the advancement of their career and promotion of their profession. There is a considerable amount of competition for membership when you weigh the numerous organizations on a national, state, county, and specialty society level. If we are all functioning as designed, each should offer unique value to our physician members to justify your dues dollars.

While each organization addresses value in different ways, as your County Medical Society, we appreciate the unique role we play at a local level, where grassroots, community service, quality of life, professional reputation, and the practice of medicine actually takes place. County Medical Societies interface with the public officials, governmental agencies, health care leaders, as well as other institutions that directly impact the environment you work and play in every day. These are the friendships and relationships that foster ideas and change at all levels of our society.
We encourage physicians to identify the unique benefits that can be delivered by membership in different organizations at all levels. Each will provide independent avenues for your voice to be heard. Organized medicine is the way that physicians can address those situations that affect the quality of service and the future of healthcare delivery. Organized medicine provides that platform for you to pursue your passions and be an agent of change for future generations. Membership is that investment in your future. We encourage you to reach out and ask how joining your County, State, and National association can have a positive impact, both personally and professionally. 

Fraser Cobbe is Executive Director, Dade County Medical Association. For more information, visit

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