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Sunday April 5, 2020

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March 2020 - Volume 16 - Issue 9



Understand Your Data to Improve the Patient Experience

Today, more than ever, health systems are working hard to better improve the patient experience of care to be successful and to retain patients. In order to create this great patient experience, you have to understand the data permeating across the patient journey throughout your organization.

One way data is vital to many health systems is because you can use it to help track your patients across their journey through your system. You will know at all times where they are—and if they are receiving immediate care.
For example, if a patient was in one of your locations and needed to see a specialist, the attending physician could log onto an app, find out where the specialist is located and send a message directly to them. If the specialist was nearby they would receive a notification to come to that particular exam room. Even if they weren’t nearby, they’d be able to set an appointment for the patient immediately.
Examples like this ultimately leads to better health outcomes and improved patient satisfaction which culminates in more patients and increased revenue, notes Murray Izenwasser, VP Consulting and Healthcare Practice Lead for OZ, a leading global consulting company whose services and solutions enhance Customer Experience through digital innovation.
"Regardless of where your patient is physically and where the staff is physically, you can start being able to provide better patient care,” he adds. “You’re creating a much better patient experience and a much better employee experience as well. With this data, you also have a better opportunity to have information from which the administration can use to make better decisions moving forward.”
No matter the variables, OZ works with healthcare systems to help make patient care more personalized, simple, and efficient. The company helps hospitals squeeze optimal value out of their budgets to drive patient experiences, so they can continue delivering the best patient experiences.
“First, you need to spend a little bit of time understanding what data is in all these different systems, where the duplications are, what data is located where, etc.,” says Izenwasser. "Learn about the quality of data across all of your different systems and then create a mechanism to bring this information together.”
OZ can help organizations integrate all of its current data and assemble it into one centralized location. The company’s focus for the past 23 years has been a core of integrating data and the bulk of the work that it has done has been in healthcare over those years.
At every stage along the patient journey, OZ can help hospitals create something that truly integrates to the business of doing healthcare while creating a great experience for that patient, physician or employee. Its longevity in the field has been one of the keys to the company’s success.
As a result, Izenwasser says that they understand how to do that kind of integration to most of the different internal and external systems as well as all of the gateways that healthcare staff navigate while serving and working with patients, such as the approval gateways or pharmacy gateways.
“It's the understanding of how to do that integration where we can best help any organization,” he says.
Ultimately, what makes a great patient experience is where the processes, procedures and administration of modern day healthcare do not get in the way of getting the patient back to the status quo of their lives, adds Izenwasser.

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