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Monday June 14, 2021

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June 2021 - Volume 17 - Issue 12


United HomeCare Boosts EVV Compliance from 24% to 87% with HHAeXchange

About United HomeCare
United HomeCare is one of the largest home health agencies in South Florida. Since 1974, this independent nonprofit has grown to more than 800 employees and volunteers who provide approximately 21,000 hours of care each week to nearly 5,000 clients across Miami-Dade County.
United HomeCare has pioneered an interdisciplinary approach to home health. Clients benefit from a wide range of health professionals who specialize in care for the elderly and disabled – nurses, therapists, social workers, and personal care assistants, among others. Case managers collaborate with each client's physician to create a customized care plan. By managing the entire continuum of care, United HomeCare fulfills its vision to “lead the enhancement of integrated care in the comfort of home settings.”
Katherine Gonzalez, MBA, serves as United HomeCare’s Controller. She’s been with the organization for 11 years and worked her way up to a leadership role, which has given her unique insights into both operations and finance. Gonzalo Lopez, Revenue Cycle Manager, also offered his perspective from the billing side.
Gonzalez put it best when she said, “There comes a time when you realize your technology system isn’t just not working for you, it’s actively working against you!” 
United HomeCare’s legacy software was Medicare-focused and couldn’t handle the Medicaid cases that United had incorporated into their organization over the years. This meant staff had to build workarounds, use multiple systems, and employ manual processes. Not only that, it had a cumbersome interface. Gonzalez said, “To do one simple task, it took five or six steps.”
United HomeCare needed to build the right infrastructure for scalable growth. At the same time, the clock was ticking to find an EVV platform that complied with the 21st Century Cures Act.
Gonzalez heard about HHAeXchange through United HomeCare’s IT department. “Once I took a closer look, I realized this was a complete solution – and it was truly designed for home health agencies.” 
Looking forward to a more customized experience, they chose to implement HHAeXchange’s Enterprise platform, using the billing, payroll, scheduling, EVV, and compliance features, as well as the mobile app.
United HomeCare went live on February 29, 2020 – just days before the COVID-19 pandemic would disrupt the world. Thanks to the new processes and streamlined workflows put in place by HHAeXchange, the impact on the business was minimized. “Our Project Manager at HHAeXchange has been excellent. Everyone has. They're always willing to go above and beyond and get the job done for us."
As United HomeCare’s Revenue Cycle Manager, Lopez appreciated that HHAeXchange is compliance-driven. “It’s a very sophisticated system. With payroll connected to billing, changes are reflected on both sides. Plus, there are a lot of audit trails.”
Gonzalez was especially thankful for the enhanced reporting capabilities. “Instead of copying data from different programs into Excel, I can just click a button and see hours and how much revenue we’re billing each month.”
In a few short months, the benefits of implementing HHAeXchange became clear. EVV compliance skyrocketed, denials dropped, and billing increased.
EVV Compliance – United HomeCare was able to increase their EVV compliance from 24% to 87% within one month of implementation. At present, 95% of the agency’s caregivers use the mobile app.
Reduced Denials – Gonzalez explained that since payment posting is now more automated, their staff can redirect their time toward reversing denials. Plus, denials are already lower than usual because the system employs a pre-bill scrubbing process to ensure compliant claims.
Faster Payment Processing – Between automation and reduced denials, United HomeCare began billing faster and more efficiently, creating more reliable cash flow for the organization.
Pro Tip for Homecare Agencies
To get the most out of HHAeXchange and encourage EVV adoption amongst caregivers, United HomeCare appointed a designated EVV “champion.” This person conducted daily trainings for home health aides. He was also available to troubleshoot any issues and quickly resolve them. This gave employees more confidence about making the shift from paper time sheets to the mobile app. Gonzalez notes that although change is always difficult for an agency, aides are already recognizing how EVV can save them time and effort.
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