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Tuesday May 18, 2021

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May 2021 - Volume 17 - Issue 11

Use every opportunity to move towards better heart health

By:Dr. Juan Velasquez
Preventive cardiology can help people become more of an active participant in their future heart health. By following a few simple guidelines for heart disease prevention our population can become more heart healthy and become less susceptible to heart disease and stroke. Cardiology can be complicated to understand especially with all of the latest medications or treatments available today to avoid cardiac disease progression. But, there are some easy lifestyle changes which can be made with the help of your doctor’s guidance. A preventive cardiology plan can help to lead to one aspect of achieving better health. 
Preventive Cardiology
During clinic, when discussions commonly take place with patients about heart disease cardiologists often discuss preventive cardiology which can include diet, exercise and physical activity. Let’s keep it “Heart Simple” with a simple list of things people can do on a daily basis in an effort to be more healthy. These recommendations below are an overview from the American Heart Association people can follow to prevent heart disease and stroke. 
Know your risk of heart attack and stroke – learn about your genetics and family history.
Eat a healthier diet – create goals and a meal plan with healthy options.
Be physically active – gradually increase to 30-minutes of moderate physical activity five-days a week.
Watch your weight – eat fewer calories, know your body mass index (BMI), work with your care team to develop a weight-loss plan for better health.
Live tobacco-free – don’t smoke, avoid secondhand smoke.
Manage your healthcare conditions – Work with your healthcare team to manage any medical conditions, make lifestyle changes as needed.
Take your medicine – Keep-up to date on your health by taking your medications as prescribed by your doctor.
Be a team player – Work with your care team on a prevention plan, ask for resources for better sleep, diet, mental health and social support, and any issues affecting your better health and wellbeing.
Become your own self-health advocate
By becoming an active participant in your well-being and a self-health advocate steps are being taken towards a better future for you. In addition to helping with your own future health being your own self-advocate helps benefit relationships with loved ones and the improvement of the overall healthcare system.
Use every opportunity to move
If you work on the second floor, try to start taking the stairs rather than the elevator. When you park your car in a parking lot, try to park a little farther away in an effort to walk more steps for better health. Go outside and walk around your park or neighborhood. Invest in a watch or tracker focusing on the achievement of 10,000 steps today towards better heart health and overall well-being. Use every opportunity to move towards better health. 
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