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Monday May 27, 2019

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September 2018 - Volume 15 - Issue 3



VA Strategic Plan Brings Renewed Focus on Veterans

The West Palm Beach VA Medical Center has announced the release of its 2018-2025 Strategic Plan. The medical center’s vision - We earn our Veterans' trust by consistently delivering compassionate and quality care – is in line with its renewed focus on putting Veterans first.

The plan outlines six detailed priorities to be implemented over the short and long term. The medical center cultivated the plan with the help of a diverse team and feedback from Veterans, Veteran Service Organizations and other stakeholders.
The priorities from the Strategic Plan include:
Priority 1: Provide excellence in care throughout the continuum of the Veteran’s life.
Priority 2: Develop a research program, cultivate academic partnerships to grow residencies.
Priority 3: Become a center of excellence in care coordination.

Priority 4: Commit to delivering exceptional care to our critical areas of need.
Priority 5: Advance our healthcare delivery system through innovation and adoption of technology.
Priority 6: Be recognized and perceived as a best place to work.
“Our strategic plan was developed through careful examination of our current operations, evaluation of the regional health care market and national trends in health care, and consideration of feedback provided from our stakeholders,” said Medical Center Director Donna Katen-Bahensky. “In line with the Veterans Health Administration Strategic Plan, our plan provides direction and aspiration for our future to ensure we provide the best care possible for Veterans.”
So far the medical center has begun implementing several actions to coincide with the Strategic Plan’s priorities to include incorporation of mandatory all staff customer service training; activation of a walk-in clinic; establishing a partnership with Palm Beach County’s Legal Aid Society to assist Veterans; expanding academic affiliations with Florida Atlantic University; becoming a Design Site for the VA’s Whole Health program; and establishing a partnership with the Area Agency on Aging to provide community resources for elderly Veterans.
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