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Tuesday January 19, 2021

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September 2016 - Volume 13 - Issue 3


Value-Based Health Care

Healthcare delivery and reimbursement are changing. The traditional model of care delivery, known as “fee-for- service”, involves the payer (government or private insurance company) reimbursing the provider (doctor’s office, hospital) based on the number of treatments performed.

Value-Based Care Model
The new way, the Value-Based Care model, is designed to improve outcomes for the patient (so he or she does not have to come back after surgery) by increasing provider efficiency and effectiveness and better engaging the patient throughout the episode of care.
Providers are now penalized for patient readmissions (if, for example, your hip replacement surgery leads to post-surgical complications and you have to return to the hospital).
Medtel is designed to help hospitals succeed in this new value-based environment.
Creating an Effective Value-Based Environment
The Value-Based model is driving physicians and hospitals to champion a patient-centered approach. Ideally, the patient comes in for a successful surgery, spends as little time in the hospital as possible to ensure a positive outcome, and has a safe and speedy recovery at home.
At a recent orthopedic meeting in Orlando, Dr. Richard Iorio spoke on the Value-Based Care model.
Creating an effective Value-Based environment within a hospital, he said, requires:
1. Transparent data on outcomes and physician behavior
2. Physician alignment with hospital leadership
3. Standardized protocols amongst clinicians for the entire episode of care
“Optimizing patient expectations and outcomes by maximizing care management and patient education is a key to successful adoption of value based care and alternative payment models.
Transparent data, hospital-physician alignment, physician champions, and gain sharing are critical to maintaining that success,” Dr.Iorio explained.
The Medtel Solution
Medtel provides a pre-operative workflow solution that connects key team members, making sure all procedural information is available and transparent.
Medtel also provides a cost-savings model, complete with customizable implant-decision guidelines tied to patient details like age, height, weight, and Body Mass Index. This feature gives surgeons, executives, and clinical managers detailed exposure to case information, allowing decision makers to drive compliance and prevent unnecessary expenses before a surgery takes place.
According to Harold Mondschein, CEO, "Medtel transforms surgical care by helping clients identify risk factors that impact cost before surgery. This proactive approach represents an opportunity for cost savings and improvement in care coordination. Our customers credit Medtel’s unique ability to identify challenges before they arise as key to their value-based care success. We are proud of our ability to rapidly enhance workflows, and deliver a financial impact beyond expectations."

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