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February 2008 - Volume 4 - Issue 8



Virtus International Presents "Sneak Preview of the Future" at National Health Congress in Orlando

The 2008 National Healthcare Congress will take place in Orlando next month, bringing together representatives from major American healthcare institutions, government, technology companies and trade associations to explore innovative solutions to the most significant issues confronting the healthcare industry. The Congress, which will take place on March 2-4, 2008 at the Hilton Walt Disney Resort, will offer attendees a glimpse of the future of health care and will feature presentations on a wide range of topics by experts from across the country.

According to Liz Morales, Event Director for Virtus International, speakers for the Congress are selected on the basis of their expertise in managing the foremost challenges that healthcare executives grapple with at hospitals of all sizes and types. In the present milieu, those include finances, implementation of technology, data storage, confidentiality and delivery of quality care and services. "The Congress is a wonderful opportunity for executives to see what is happening in other hospitals, to learn how their peers are solving the identical problems that they have and to offer their own experiences to help others. Most of all, itís a chance for very busy administrators with highly demanding positions to get unstuck, to lift their heads up from their desks and look around a bit at the bigger picture. It enables them to commiserate with those who share their concerns and problems, and also to meet many wonderful people and hear the latest ideas and advances."

Virtus is known for select, top quality events in exceptional settings, with emphasis on personal attention to participants. Virtus events are designed to facilitate networking and connecting in combination with the presentation of essential, cutting edge information. "Our focus is to bring people together." Morales says. "This isnít a trade show; it is an opportunity for decision-makers to meet and compare their experiences with their peers and also to interact with leaders and innovators who can help them solve the problems that they are dealing with in their institutions and communities. We identify the top people in each area and ask them what they would like to share; thatís how we develop the agenda for the meeting. Our roundtables and workshops feature information providers who are there to help participants find and implement solutions; they are not pitching products but sharing their expertise.

"We make it the best possible experience by knowing exactly whoís attending and determining what they need and want from us. That enables us to provide the personalized service that makes our events so successful and popular."

One of the keynote speakers is Dr. Harry S. Hertz, Director of the Baldridge National Quality Program, National Institute of Standards and Technology, a national program that recognizes performance excellence and improvement in health care and educational organizations. Hertz will encourage participants to achieve their best in his presentation entitled "Reaching Performance Excellence by Taking the Baldridge Journey." Kathy Reep, vice-president for financial services for the Florida Hospital Association, will tackle Medicare and other financial issues in the healthcare industry. Matiana Gonzalez-Vela, assistant vice-president, Quality Initiatives, at Valley Baptist Medical Center, and a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, will share her experience with Six Sigma in health care. Six Sigma is a disciplined approach to performance improvement, focused on measurable processes and outcomes that was started by the Motorola Corporation and has since been applied in many industries.

At Virtus, events are planned with a focus on relationships and fellowship. Morales believes that much can be accomplished in the informality of an intimate dinner or roundtable discussion. "When you put ten people with incredible knowledge and experience together in a casual way, over a cup of coffee or lunch, itís so non-threatening that people are quite open. They exchange ideas and make connections easily; that kind of interchange would not be as likely in a larger, more structured forum. Our participants can relax, enjoy themselves and come away with new resources, ideas and solutions as well as professional contacts."

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