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Saturday July 11, 2020

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June 2009 - Volume 5 - Issue 12

Why IT Security is an Essential Part of Disaster Planning

It could have been the Broward County courthouse’s worst nightmare. A pipe had burst in the building and the courthouse had to be closed after water flooded the hallways. Staff couldn’t get to vital case records and files in the building. Would county business simply grind to a halt, possibly stalling the machinery of government indefinitely? Even worse, officials worried whether the data was still intact in the offices located near the flooded corridor.

Fortunately for the courthouse, the servers with all of the confidential data were colocated at 1Vault Network’s Fort Lauderdale facility. No data was lost and County officials also had the option to use 1Vault’s "Seats and Suites" service – actual client rooms at 1Vault made available for displaced personnel to access their company’s data and maintain business continuity.

The Broward County courthouse had contracted with 1Vault Network to colocate its servers at 1Vault’s facility as part of a comprehensive business continuity plan put in place by Clerk of the court IT staff. 1Vault Networks offers protection from catastrophic events such as loss of power, communication network outages, floods or natural disasters. What 1Vault is really providing is a "secure bunker" in its 66,000 square foot World Class Data Center. The building is Category 5 hurricane rated, monitored for ideal temperature and humidity, and includes multiple fiber optic feeds. The facility has fully redundant power provided by three 1.25 mega watt generators and 20,000 gallons of fuel to support the building for up to 2 weeks. Additionally, the data center features 24/7 guards, cameras, systems monitoring and protection systems that alert personnel in the event of an alarm. As a licensed Iron Mountain Storage services provider, 1Vault Networks has the benefit of Iron Mountain’s global reputation for digital data storage, with fully automated and streamlined data protection.

For hospitals and health care businesses, 1Vault can provide guaranteed network continuity of healthcare providers IT infrastructure. Says Kevin Bly, 1Vault Network’s Vice President of Business Development, "While hospitals and healthcare businesses are already well aware of their regulatory guidelines for data security and backup, we can help them be compliant in a more cost effective way. If a hospital sets up its own backup data center on site, the institution must bring tech support people on staff and install backup generators in the event of a natural disaster or power outage. The downside to that scenario is a system that’s not fully redundant."

Bly also emphasizes the standpoint of a buy versus build mentality. "Hospitals and doctors’ offices are in the business of healthcare, and it’s what they’re experts at. Why not buy IT security services from a company with IT expertise, rather than trying to build your own team of experts in-house?" Bly says. He describes 1Vault health care services clients that not only have data centers on premises, but also add another layer of backup by contracting with 1Vault to collocate their servers at 1Vault’s Fort Lauderdale, Fl facility. Bly also mentions the advantages that 1Vault can offer to MRI centers, large healthcare providers, and HMOs who have multiple office locations. 1Vault can link multiple sites together and provide ongoing backup and IT infrastructure continuity.

"What it really comes down to is good business planning," Bly points out. "Healthcare businesses must take measures to protect their patient and billing files and establish data backup. Disaster planning is absolutely essential. Companies need to know how they will maintain business continuity during power outages, or even the unexpected everyday events like the burst pipe in the Florida courthouse." While some IT security companies require various contractors to get involved in setting up data backup, 1Vault Network is a single source provider. What the company refers to as Turnkey Solutions translates into an easy transition of IT from the client’s place of business to 1Vault’s secure facility.

Not surprisingly, awareness of the importance of planning for business continuity is reflected in the growth of businesses like 1Vault Network. Bly is proud of his company’s growth in the last few years. "When we moved the business from Boca Raton to Fort Lauderdale four years ago we started to see phenomenal growth. In the past four years 1Vault has seen triple-digit increases in sales. That means that for the last three years, 1Vault has grown by one hundred percent every year."

In the past, large companies contracted for data backup up in areas that were perceived as having lower risk of natural disasters – New Jersey, Atlanta and Denver, for instance. Today, small to medium companies want to be close to where their servers are located. 1Vault Network’s customer base extends to Broward, Palm Beach and Dade counties.

For more information about 1Vault Network’s business continuity services, contact Kevin Bly, Vice President of Business Development at (954) 736-2709 or visit the website at
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