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Thursday August 6, 2020

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January 2010 - Volume 6 - Issue 7


Will You Be Properly Staffed for 2010?

Two Thousand Nine will go down as the year of uncertainty in the healthcare recruiting world. Many of our clients pulled back on hiring and recruiting but that may prove to be a mistake. In our business we urged clients to staff up and take advantage of the "Tiger Woods" syndrome. At the time it meant going into the job market and hire a "Tiger Woods" skilled person at an affordable rate while he/she was still in the job market. My best clients listened.

In 2010 we predict that the employment market will change and that by the second half of 2010 we should see the impact of government driven employment initiatives. We are positive and remind ourselves that if unemployment is 10% that 90% of the country is still working. Drive down any east-west road in Palm Beach County during rush hour and the traffic is still horrific.

In the professional employment world, the unemployment percent remains steady at 4.5%. In healthcare, unemployment is negligible. However, senior level managers have been displaced in some instances. We are recommending that this is not a time for managers to switch gears or try to find positions in disciplines different than their most developed skill set. Career changing is out unless you know the new hiring authority or are a known commodity within the new company.

In addition, it is time for senior management candidates to realize that their resumes are often behind the times. Without a "fighting" resume, short, sweet and key word searchable you will not get noticed. I still get 10-15 page resumes from healthcare executives. Almost all of our clients have robust Applicant Tracking Systems which electronically sort and sift resumes. In addition, due to cutbacks you are likely to have your resume reviewed by a much more junior, less skilled reviewer. My advice is to have your resume tuned up and modernized. We offer that service but there are many fine practitioners in our community and on line. Itís well worth the money and costs no more than a good suit, haircut and a pair of new shoes. Your resume is your entry into the company and without a great entry you will not stand out or get noticed.

While we wait out the final dimensions of "Obamacare" our clients should be assessing how to best attract and retain top talent. Statistics are very evident that when the economy bounces so will your key teammates as they try to make up lost economic ground, position titles and responsibilities. We are now rampant with a "feelers out" mentality in this new free agent job market. Ask yourself if you can afford to lose key individuals who will follow their own economic stimulus to new companies.

So our advice is to do your homework. Take a good look at your key staff and realize that they will make job changes if it is in their best interest. Review your salary structure, benefits, incentives, non-competes, and all other employment related programs to ensure that you are properly staffed for 2010.

Jim Infantino is the principal of STAT Search of Florida and recruits and consults in healthcare on a national basis. He may be reached at (561) 483-8640 or
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