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Thursday August 6, 2020

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November 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 5


With Apologies to Maurice Chevalier Thank Heaven for Little Girls!

A theft occurred in the Felix household in October and it wasn't the economy stealing my 401K. It was a little bit of a thing called Sophia Ann - my brand spankin' new granddaughter - stealing a piece of my heart! Just when I thought the "Grand-Papa" part of my life couldn't possibly accommodate more than Kenzie and Karter, a little girl crept in and found more than enough room. Diminutive in size and a bit stubborn, Sophia finally made her entrance in early October with the able assistance of her parents, Carly and Drew. I don't even think they yet appreciate what a great team they were and what a terrific job they continue to do, getting their new little girl through these early weeks. Like all new parents, they're short on sleep, but each day they grow more self-assured in the daily baby routine (which we all know is never quite the routine we counted on). And each day they recount Sophia's latest milestones - a good appetite, a longer nap, her first car ride - to a very eager audience of grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.

So while the rest of the world is struggling with the chaos around us, I voted early and am retreating into the nursery with Sophia. Here's hoping when it's time for her to cast her first ballot, her choices won't seem so difficult and the economy won't seem quite so scary.

So you ask - have I changed my stripes or has Carol finally successfully altered by DNA - because I haven't bought a new gadget to commemorate the occasion, to document the life and times of Sophia Ann Felix? The answer is simple and is something I learned with the births of Kenzie and Karter. Quite simply, believe it or not, there are just some things even a new camera can't improve upon and one of them goes by the name of Sophia!

I know it may be redundant to say how very, very lucky we feel to have two great sons, who in turn found two terrific women. But now we truly are enjoying the icing on the cake with three delightful grandchildren. What can I say? Ponies for all!

Charles Felix, Publisher

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