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February 2012 - Volume 8 - Issue 8




World Institute of Pain Congress Brings Top Physicians and Health Care Professionals to South Florida

The 6th World Congress, the biannual conference hosted by the World Institute of Pain (WIP), is truly a meeting of the minds for the top physicians and medical professionals across the globe. This extraordinary assembly of brilliance right here in South Florida includes more than 2,000 health care professionals from 70 countries and six continents who share their insights and experiences toward the goal of relieving and eradicating pain.
On its website, the WIP states that this Congress aims to advance the management of pain centers to a level of excellence and to implement the knowledge continuously provided by various pain associations. The WIP’s main goal – to better educate pain physicians for the 21st Century – is furthered by this Congress.
Highlighting this remarkable conference are the cooperative efforts of the significant global pain societies, World Institute of Pain (WIP), European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC), the World Society of Pain Clinicians (WSPC) and the World Institute of Pain Foundation. These four organizations have come together to sign a declaration for better pain treatment and promoting pain medicine all over the world.
It is a wonderful concept and the ideas and advancements in interventional pain management, anesthesiology, physical therapy and rehabilitation, neurosurgery, orthopedics and oncology will be shared so that patients everywhere will have the opportunity to feel better – and get better. The opening statement of the declaration asserts the following:
It is the right of all mankind to have access to and the opportunity of the best possible pain relief in each and every part of the world.
I am personally and professionally honored to be chairing the host committee for this outstanding group of distinguished physicians, researchers and professionals, and to be part of this momentous occasion when the declaration is signed.
The agenda for the Congress is once again replete with interesting seminars, symposia and presentations. Pioneers in their respective fields are bringing cutting-edge technology, advanced procedures and breakthroughs of medical science to this international gathering. The results promise to be important and inspiring.
As a doctor for more than 20 years in South Florida, I have witnessed – and participated in – the evolution of pain management. I know firsthand that experience and skills in technique can make a major difference in the outcomes of procedures. I have seen patients who never believed that they would be out of pain breathe a sigh of relief and claim a miracle has happened. My experience is echoed all over the world, and I am thrilled to share my perspective and to learn from my esteemed colleagues.
This conference will give everyone in attendance information, insight and the path to providing patients with the most up-to-date care possible, as it has since the first World Congress in Eilat, Israel in 1998. Since that time, we as a committed group of doctors dedicated to pain relief have travelled to Istanbul, Turkey; Barcelona, Spain; Budapest, Hungary; and New York, NY to learn with and from each other.
It is a privilege to welcome the wide array of renowned physicians, specialists and other individuals who have made combating pain a priority. This is the largest pain congress for practicing pain physicians.
As with any major endeavor, it takes the unified and cooperative effort of many people to work together for a common goal. Each World Congress, and in particular this one, with its Declaration, is making major strides to educate and inform the world about pain relief. The Declaration concludes with the following:
To promote this aim, the World Institute of Pain, the European Federation of IASP Chapters, the World Institute of Pain Foundation, and the World Society of Pain Clinicians and representatives of other world societies have united to make this declaration.
With those words, the greatest minds in the field of pain management are changing the world.
Dr. Ira Fox, founder of Anesthesia Pain Care Consultants, can be reached at (954) 720-3188. The World Institute of Pain 6th World Congress will be held February 4-6, 2012 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. For more information, visit
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