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January 2015 - Volume 11 - Issue 7


Z Urology - Providing Excellence in Urologic Care

For urologist Dr. Michael Zahalsky, when you love what you do and surround yourself with nice, friendly and caring people who share that same passion, you end up with a great medical practice.
“It’s been said there are three A’s in medicine - available, able and affable,” says Dr. Zahalsky, founder of Z Urology in South Florida. “If you follow those three rules and you do it with a smile, I believe you will be successful.”
Urologic care for both males and females is the focus and passion of Dr. Zahalsky’s practice. Z Urology specializes in all urologic procedures, specifically, minimally invasive methods. Dr. Zahalsky, who has been practicing medicine for over 15 years, started the practice after moving to South Florida nearly 10 years ago. He graduated from Brown University with a triple concentration in Biology, Health and Society, and Biomedical Ethics - the first student to accomplish this feat in the university’s history. Following his undergraduate studies, he went on to earn his medical degree, also at Brown, while earning a master’s degree in Medical Science with a focus on Epidemiology and Gerontology.
Dr. Zahalsky got into medicine in the first place simply because he enjoys helping people. As far as specializing in urology, he found that it was a great field combining both medicine and surgery.
“You have the luxury of being in the operating room and in the office so you can follow your patient longitudinally meaning there is continuity of care,” he says. “For example, you can treat a patient’s prostate for years until you can’t treat it medically anymore and then you do a surgical procedure on it. After the procedure, you’re still following the patient’s progress. I also really enjoy the endocrine aspect of the field such as treating infertility and sexual dysfunction. Urologic care is a focused field with so many sub specialties to focus on. I just love it.”
He completed his residency at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City followed by a dual fellowship at Boston University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This fellowship included training in male and female sexual dysfunction, male infertility, and microsurgery. Dr. Zahalsky relocated to South Florida in 2005 to pursue his dream of founding his own Urology practice.
“I started Z Urology with the premise that the patient always comes first,” says Dr. Zahalsky. “Medicine is a service industry like any other industry whether it is a furniture store or a car dealership. The doctor needs the patient as much as the patient needs the doctor. So my focus is to provide excellent care and service to our patients.”
One way the practice has accomplished this is through its staff. Currently, Z Urology employs three urologists and three physician assistants to provide better service to its patients. The practice is in the process of hiring another urologist and two more physician assistants. It will also be opening a third office in 2015.
“We want to be able to get back to the patient quicker so having allied health care professionals helping us was critical,” explains Dr. Zahalsky. “Now, we can answer our patients’ questions faster and provide better service. Few urologists have adopted to the physician assistant model of having helpers. So instead, what happens, is that patients tend to wait an overly long time in the hospital before having procedures.”
Clinically, Dr. Zahalsky has distinguished himself as a top specialist in laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery, male infertility, and male and female sexual dysfunction. In fact, he performed the first ever robotic surgery in urology in Broward County. Today, his practice has a very high focus on robotic procedures. Both of his partners also conduct high end robotic laparoscopic procedures.
This past spring, Dr. Zahalsky was chosen to give a podium presentation at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association to discuss the results of his research on the use of stem cells to treat erectile dysfunction. Over a six-month period, he studied the impact stem cells had on a sample of men suffering from erectile dysfunction who did not respond to PDE5 inhibitors, such as the drug Levitra. After a direct injection of amniotic stem cells into the penis, all eight men in the study had increased blood flow to the penis after six weeks, three and six months had passed. Additionally, five of the patients were now able to attain erections on their own or by taking oral medication. This is the first study of its kind in humans and is considered to be a significant breakthrough in the treatment for erectile dysfunction since the invention of PDE5 inhibitors.
Staying at the forefront of the latest innovation in urologic health care has always been important to Dr. Zahalsky. To stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, he subscribes to (and writes for) the top peer-reviewed journals in the field and attends conferences and meetings. Most importantly, it’s all about listening to your patient, he adds. Today’s patient comes in very knowledgeable.
“They come in having Googled things on the Internet and if you don’t know what they are talking about, it’s your job to look it up and figure it out,” Dr. Zahalsky says. “There might be one study or one case out there—something you are not doing—so it’s your responsibility, as a doctor, to look it up and decide if it’s worthwhile to bring it to your practice. If you want your practice to be recognized as the ones that do it better than anyone else, it takes time and energy to do that.”
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