September 18, 2023—The Palm Beach Health Network honors its 2022 Tenet Hero winners, including two Tenet Hall of Fame inductees, as part of its parent company’s annual recognition program.  The Tenet Heroes program celebrates those individuals who make a meaningful impact within their communities and go above and beyond their daily responsibilities. Nominated by leadership and/or

fellow colleagues, Tenet Heroes exemplify the company’s core values and commitment to its mission.

Good Samaritan Medical Center awards Ian Finn as a Tenet Hero. Since 2019, Ian has worked for Tenet as a Patient Navigator for the Ortho Spine Unit, making patients feel more comfortable about what comes after surgery. Ian has proved that he fits the role of a Tenet Hero perfectly after traveling to a patient’s home to check on their progress multiple times. He has “navigated” about 1,000 patients in three years, marking a huge improvement in patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.



Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center awards Ryan Winkelman as a Tenet Hero and a Hall of Fame inductee. Ryan’s role as a firefighter, paramedic, and nurse highlights his dedication to serving the people of his community. He is always willing to help no matter the circumstance. Ryan, along with the All-Hazards Deployment Team through his fire-department, did not hesitate to take action on an 11-day deployment when Hurricane Ian hit the Gulf Coast of Florida in 2022. He has shown selflessness character time after time, Ryan took the role as a nurse on the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center Emergency Department team in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Over years, he has displayed traits of a true Tenet Hero.


St. Mary’s Medical Center awards Tracey Flood as a Tenet Hero. Tracey is the Nurse Extern Program Manager and is being honored for her contributions. She launched an Immersion Nurse Extern Program in 2022 to help accelerate and prepare nurses into the profession. Tracey worked hard during the Covid-19 pandemic to get new nurses adjusted to working in this particular setting. Tracey is an outstanding employee and educator; St. Mary’s Medical Center is proud to recognize her as a Tenet Hero.






West Boca Medical Center awards Hayley Ostrofsky, Radiology Supervisor at our West Boca Diagnostic Imaging Center, as a Tenet Hero and Hall of Fame inductee. In October of 2021, Hayley decided to become an altruistic kidney donor (donate to an unknown recipient) through a nonprofit organization called RENEWAL. Not many people have the courage to give up a kidney to a complete stranger, but she has been revealed to be a true hero. Within days, Hayley had a match and was flying to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York for two days of intensive testing. The recipient, Jack Levine, is incredibly grateful for Hayley, our Tenet Hero.



The Tenet Heroes program allows us to recognize and celebrate our employees who have an encouraging effect on patients and colleagues around them.  There were 22 total 2022 Hall of Fame inductees company wide.


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