As a medically focused hemp CBD company, PÅ«rWell provides all-natural hemp oil products that promote general health and wellness. Its proprietary custom formulations are designed specifically for the healthcare marketplace.

PÅ«rWell’s executive team has been in the healthcare industry for 25 years. Its sister company, VirtuOx, is the largest in-home respiratory and sleep diagnostics company in the nation, testing over 30,000 patients each month. Two years ago, the company was approached by experts in the hemp industry who were interested in collaborating on a custom formulation for sleep.
“We surveyed hundreds of physicians in our network and every one of them told us that their patients ask them about CBD practically daily,” says Jon Fedele, Chief Executive Officer of PÅ«rWell. “Many of them also expressed interest in promoting or selling CBD but didn’t have a trusted company to help them. The lightbulb went on and we got to work.”
Given its 25 plus years of experience in healthcare, Fedele says that they knew that they weren’t interested in creating another “me too” lifestyle brand.
“We wanted to create CBD products that physicians could trust and feel comfortable recommending to their patients,” he says. “You’ll never find our products at a convenience store, gas station or vape shop. We only sell through medical professionals such as physicians, pharmacies and home health care providers.”
In just a short amount of time, the company has won multiple industry awards since its product launch in February. Last month, PÅ«rWell won Best in Show at the Medtrade conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and earlier in the year it was awarded Best New Product by Homecare Magazine.
PÅ«rWell also strongly believes in taking care of the planet, which is why its products come from organically grown hemp using sustainable farming techniques. All of the hemp is grown, cultivated and products manufactured in one place, on its farm in Colorado. Fedele notes that this ensures consistency in the products, which is a must in the medical field.
“We never use pesticides or harsh chemicals on our plants and all of our products are tested by a 3rd party laboratory,” he says. “We offer full transparency by having a QR code on each of our products that links to the Certificate of Analysis that corresponds directly to that batch of hemp extract.”
The farm also creates its own organic fertilizer that not only helps them grow beautiful, healthy, hemp but also helps balance the local ecosystem.
Looking ahead, Fedele believes that the cannabis and CBD industry will continue to grow at exponential rates.
“However, I anticipate the number of new companies in the marketplace to start to decline over time, as much needed regulations are introduced and enforced,” he says.
That’s why companies such as PÅ«rWell are looking for distinct advantages now. In addition to these sustainable farming techniques, what also distinguishes PÅ«rWell in the cannabis marketplace are several things, according to Fedele.
“Everything from our product line to our packaging is designed for the healthcare market,” says Fedele. “We have custom formulations, like our award winning PÅ«rSlēp, and we offer free product samples to our physician partners.”
The company also offers a variety of custom-tailored programs, including a no-cost-of-entry affiliate program for physicians who would like to generate revenue by recommending PurWell products, but aren’t quite ready to invest in inventory.
“For those practitioners who would like to sell our products in their office, we offer an industry leading, 120-day money back guarantee,” says Fedele. “Both programs are virtually risk free, making it extremely easy to enter the market.”
Since PÅ«rWell was launched, the biggest challenge it had to face has been managing the amount of time needed to provide adequate training and education to its wholesale partners.
That’s why the company decided to create a comprehensive online Training Academy, in addition to weekly live webinars, as well as private educational workshops, adds Fedele. All at no charge to its wholesale customers.