This year the Felix household decided to start the New Year off with a BOGO, instead of a bang. In early January Carol decided to go with a 2-for-1 — and had neck and back surgery rolled into one hospital stay and subsequent recuperation. Needless to say, that means I dusted off my Superman cape, becoming the resident chef, driver, and healthcare aide. (In the interests of full disclosure, I did have some awesome assistance from my sister Fran and sister-in-law Bobbi.) But regardless of lots of extra help, it’s been a long January and February isn’t looking too good either.

As happens each time Carol is on the D/L, I quickly realize while I may be a Jack of all trades I definitely am a master of none. And while healthcare is my “beat,” a hands-on healthcare provider, I certainly am not. Kudos and thanks to all the doctors, nurses and staff at the Marcus Neuroscience Institute for taking such exemplary care of Carol. I’m afraid you set a very high bar that I have yet to vault … not even close.

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