1.  You are redecorating your house, aka putting shutters and/or boards on the windows and all the doors.
    4. Digging around in the garage to find all the boxes you haven’t used in a year, to find the generator, camping gear, flashlights, etc.
    3. Shopping in crowded stores where the hottest commodity is all gone
    2. Out of state phone calls from friends and family
    And the number 1 reason … at some point you just might have a tree in your house!

But seriously, we’ve heard it all before, right? It’s easy to become complacent, rationalizing that we’ve been through it before, that we’re pros, that we’ve got it covered. Funny thing about memories — they fade, and the hardest parts often seem easier than they really were.

Just ask the Hurricane Ian survivors from less than a year ago, preparation can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. And even if the predicted dangerous weather doesn’t pan out in your area of Florida … the domino effects on our service chains for food and power can be devastating. Remember the record rainfall in Broward County from less than 2 months ago, the effect on fuel storage at the Broward port was felt in gas tanks all over our state.

So the 2023 hurricane season, which began on June 1, could prove to be a bust, but a little preparation could buy (in addition to those cans of tuna) a lot of peace of mind and safety.

Charles Felix, Publisher – charles@southfloridahospitalnews.com