By Daniel Casciato

Founded in 2018, PūrWell is a company focused on providing organic hemp oil products that promote general health and wellness.

The company was started by Nick DiFrancesco who partnered with a farm in Pueblo, CO where their hemp is grown, cultivated, processed, and packaged. They created a line of safe and effective CBD products that physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals could trust and feel comfortable recommending to their patients. Today, PūrWell’s medical-grade products are designed for and are sold exclusively through healthcare professionals and on its online store.

Joshua Hoffman, Chief Education Officer,

“Our proprietary formulations are crafted specifically, to meet the needs of the healthcare marketplace, offering a range of strengths and applications for seamless customized treatment,” explains Joshua Hoffman, Chief Education Officer, for PūrWell.

There are several primary benefits of using PūrWell CBD products, according to Hoffman.

“Our hemp-derived products focus on four main conditions and their associated symptoms: chronic pain/inflammation, anxiety, depression, and insomnia,” he says. “The benefits of taking our products include the potential for a reduction of inflammation throughout the body such as muscles, joints, organs, blood vessels, a sense of well-being and the feeling of being grounded, better sleep patterns, and more vitality and energy.”

What sets PūrWell apart from its competitors is that PūrWell is a vertically integrated hemp company that controls the entire process from end-to-end. This includes cultivation, harvest, extraction, purification, and bottling.

“Our farms are USDA certified organic and less than 1% of hemp farms in the United States have that designation,” Hoffman says. “Our formulations are proprietary and unique, and they cannot be duplicated, nor are there similar products on the market when comparing ours to the other lifestyle CBD brands.”

Another difference is that the company formulates its products for and markets them exclusively through medical professionals and other healthcare practitioners.

“Full panel 3rd party lab testing is another thing that sets us apart from the competition,” Hoffman adds.

Despite the gaining popularity and acceptance of CBD, there are still some key concerns of patients and providers today regarding its usage.

“Patients and doctors want to be reassured that they are not going to get ‘high’ when using our products,” says Hoffman. “They are also concerned with drug-on-drug interaction, and any

potential adverse drug reactions (ADRs), and they want to know that the product is safe for their patients to use. That ties in with our full panel 3rd party lab testing for all our products.”

Hoffman stresses that CBD is not created equal and that consumers need to be cautious when making a purchase.

“There are more inferior CBD products on the market than there are effective ones, so it is up to each consumer to know the basic questions they should be asking before purchasing any company’s CBD products,” he says.

Here is a short list of those questions, he notes:

1. Are your products made from organic hemp?

2. Do you have 3rd party lab tests for your products beyond the cannabinoid potency test? Was the product tested for mold, mycotoxins, etc.?

3. What is the shelf life or expiration date on the products?

4. Where is the farm or where does the hemp supply come from?

5. Any money-back guarantees?

For more information, please visit or call 844-PUR-WELL (787-9355).