October 28, 2022 – Secop GmbH and B Medical Systems have entered into a joint development agreement to collaboratively build a new generation of medical transport boxes. These boxes will safely store and transport vaccines, biospecimens, and other temperature-sensitive specimens at ultra-low temperatures, even in tropical environments.  

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a rise in the adoption of mRNA technology and the development of several extremely temperature-sensitive vaccines. This technology, combined with the growing prominence of Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT), and other medical developments have resulted in an ever-increasing demand for reliable ultra-low temperature medical cold chain solutions. Through this cooperation, Secop and B Medical Systems will work to offer a reliable medical transport unit. This mobile unit will contain a cascade compressor system and will be specifically manufactured to hold the ultra-low temperature range required for mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines, even in tropical settings where the heat index rises as high as 109 F. 

Under this agreement, the companies will apply Secop’s decades of experience in efficient mobile cooling compressors with B Medical Systems’ expertise in developing innovative and reliable medical cold chain solutions. The companies will conduct a series of development and testing exercises to achieve their objectives. “Bringing together the Secop and B Medical skillsets and technologies will ensure the successful development of a truly breakthrough product. This product will be an important asset in the current sustainable cold chain evolution and will contribute to improving storage and delivery of vaccines worldwide,” says Jan Ehlers, CEO at Secop GmbH.  

Luc Provost, CEO of B Medical Systems, says, “This joint development agreement is a significant step in our journey toward providing this next generation of ultra-low medical cold chain equipment. I am confident that we will soon be able to provide the market with a convenient and reliable solution for the safe storage and transport of small volumes of vaccine, pharmaceuticals and samples at ultra-low temperatures.” 

According to Ehlers, Secop‘s engineering team has conducted intensive development and testing activities to prove and optimize an innovative medical cooling unit. This unique product will be powered by a cascade system of battery-driven compressors, with the ability to achieve and maintain ultra-low temperatures down to -122.8 F, regardless of the outdoor temperature. 

The engagement between the research and development teams from Secop and B Medical Systems on joint development activities under this agreement is now underway. The companies aim to conclude the development and testing phase soon. 

About Secop 

Secop is the expert in advanced hermetic compressor technologies and cooling solutions for commercial refrigeration. Secop creates and supports high-performance static and mobile cooling solutions for leading commercial refrigeration businesses around the world. The Secop Group designs and manufactures hermetic compressors and electronic controls for refrigeration solutions in three major business segments: Stationary Cooling, Mobile Cooling and Medical Cold Chain. Secop’s “Stationary Cooling” business segment (AC supply compressors for static applications) provides compressors for light commercial applications in food retail, food service, merchandisers, special applications, as well as selected residential applications. Secop’s “Mobile Cooling” business segment (Battery-Driven DC supply for mobile applications) is the global leader in high-performance hermetic DC compressors for automotive, trucks, recreation vehicles, portable boxes, and other mobile applications. Secop’s “Medical Cooling” business segment develops cooling solutions for storage and transportation in medical cold chain applications.  

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About B Medical Systems 

B Medical Systems is a global manufacturer and distributor of medical cold chain solutions. Based in Hosingen, Luxembourg, the company was founded in 1979 when the WHO approached Electrolux to provide a solution to safely store and transport vaccines around the world. Across the 3 major business portfolios of Vaccine Cold Chain, Medical Refrigeration, and Blood Management Solutions, the company offers 100+ products. B Medical Systems’ major products include Vaccine Refrigerators (Ice-Lined and Solar Direct Drive Refrigerators (SDD)), Laboratory Refrigerators, Laboratory Freezers, Pharmacy Refrigerators, UltraLow Freezers, and Transport solutions. B Medical Systems’ products are used across 140+ countries and have an installed base of more than half a million products across the world. B Medical Systems has subsidiaries in the USA and India. B Medical Systems is a part of Azenta, Inc., a leading provider of life sciences solutions worldwide.  

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