Sexual Activity Improved for Most Seniors After Total Hip Arthroplasty as Shown in New Clinical Research

In the world of medicine, when real communication exists between patients and doctors, the good can be transformed into the excellent. This happened when specialists (implementing their expertise with passion) were able to talk about an inconvenient truth with their patients. In a new clinical research, a repetitive pattern was found in patients with hip problems in regard to their sexual lives. The Center for Advanced Orthopedics at Larkin research team conducted an investigation concerning Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) and the sexual activity of patients. They found that before surgery, arthritic pain in the hip interfered with a fulfilled sexual experience and diminished the quality of life of many patients. Pain associated with hip arthritis could be reduced and even eliminated with a THA. Unfortunately, many orthopedists do not consider limitations in sexual activity as a prime indication for a Total Hip Arthroplasty. This new investigation made a clear connection between THA and an improved quality of life.
The study was developed and completed by Carlos J. Lavernia M.D., Jesus M. Villa M.D., and David A. Iacobelli M.D., and it was presented during the 2014 Florida Orthopaedic Society (FOS) Annual Meeting. Dr. Jesus M. Villa was awarded first place for his podium presentation of the study. This new investigation was awarded during the Fellowship Research Competition and it surpassed all other universities in the state of Florida. The FOS is a premier organization that promotes the highest quality musculoskeletal health for the citizens of Florida. Dr. Lavernia has been an active member of the organization for more than 15 years. He was elected as the official first Vice-President of the FOS Board of Directors during the aforementioned 2014 annual meeting.
To better understand the relationships between limitations in sexual activity and hip arthritis, the investigators evaluated (before surgery) more than one hundred sexually active patients who needed a total hip arthroplasty. Patients answered questions regarding their quality of life and sexual limitations. The average age was 65 years. Before surgery, about 95% of females and 70% of males reported having sexual limitations due to the disease in their hips. Patients with sexual limitations had decreased motion and higher pain in the hip than those patients without sexual limitations.
The doctors at the Center for Advanced Orthopedics at Larkin demonstrated that a large percentage of patients undergoing Total Hip Arthroplasty are sexually active even though many of them are in the third age. They also demonstrated that hip osteoarthritis plays a key role in the impaired sexual life of these patients. A total hip replacement could correct most of the pain and limitations presented before surgery.
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