PN Medical Inc: The Great Respiratory Reset amid Long COVID-19 symptoms

April 5, 2022 – In the shadow of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of people continue to be affected by symptoms or abnormalities that persist beyond 4 to 12 weeks post the acute stage of disease. While the actual prevalence of long COVID remains to be established, studies report that up to 76% of COVID patients may have at least one persistent symptom, however, in many cases new symptoms may be acquired months or even years after the initial infection. The most commonly reported symptoms of long Covid include dyspnea, fatigue, PTSD, anxiety, sleep difficulties, joint pain, chest pain, and weakness. Significant reduction in quality of life and functionality add to the burden of disease, and symptoms may lead to inability to work, and to unemployment. The socioeconomic costs of long COVID are yet to be established but are expected to rise significantly over the next decade.

The pathophysiology of long COVID is unclear and differs between patients, including damage to the cardiovascular system, dysautonomia, and vagal nerve dysfunction. Heart rate variability (HRV) and breathing pattern assessment have emerged as suitable, but underappreciated, readouts for severity and persistence of long COVID in many patients. Due to the global significance of long COVID, PN Medical has committed to engage in research and education around long COVID, to contribute to a wider acceptance of the immensity of the problem and its consequences, and has partnered with leading research institutions, focusing on solutions for those affected by long COVID.

Preliminary findings from these endeavors have highlighted the importance and impact of breathing in the management of long COVID. The initial and most significant step for symptom control is a complete breathing reset. Upon establishing a healthy breathing pattern, strengthening of the breathing system can further help to improve symptoms such as dyspnea, anxiety, distress, sleep problems, and cardiovascular problems. PN Medical is currently conducting a large-scale, completely virtual study investigating the benefits of combined respiratory muscle training (cRMT) using the Breather in post COVID patients. Findings from recent studies using the Breather have shown that cRMT can significantly reduce HRV, which can be expected to contribute to symptom improvement in long COVID patients, particularly those with dysautonomia. Furthermore, cRMT using Breather Fit has proven effective in reducing stress in frontline healthcare providers and is currently being tested to increase resilience in fighter jet pilots. While these study populations are distinct from long COVID patients, they all share a continuous activation of stress responses. In this presentation, a fundamental breathing reset in combination with cRMT will be discussed as a critical tool to help those affected by long COVID itself, as well as those carrying the burden of globally increased levels of stress during this unprecedented period.

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