Legal Update: Telehealth Rules and COVID

PRESENTED BY HEALTHCARE LAW PARTNERS, LLC Covers Licensing, Medical Records, and Informed consent requirements; Credentialing and Privileging; Reimbursement of Medicare, Medicaid and Private Payers, ACOs and RPMs. https://youtu.be/QdQvCEeb9Yg

5 Great Checklists for Legal Departments and General Counsels

PRESENTED BY HEALTHCARE LAW PARTNERS, LLC  Discussion on critical lists and checklists that legal departments need to maintain.1) Typical CEO's Questions to the Legal Department,2) critical provisions of typical contracts,3) FMV valuation checklist,4) Compliance...

Risky Business – 10 Tips for Developing Smart Risk Management Plans

PRESENTED BY HEALTHCARE LAW PARTNERS. LLC Understand what is risk management, what is the typical structure of a Risk Management department, Liability Insurance, Occurrence vs Claims Made Insurance, Medical Malpractice Liability, Electronic Health Records, Sentinel...