May 21, 2020 – AvMed, one of Florida’s oldest and largest not-for-profit health plans, is taking proactive action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to increase access to care and removing potential cost barriers for its members. This includes extending COVID-19 benefits and coverage, beyond testing and medication requirements, for another 60 days.
“We realize that COVID-19 testing and increasing access to prescription medication is only part of the equation when it comes to helping our members stay physically and financially healthy during these challenging times,” said James M. Repp, president and chief operating officer at AvMed. “It’s crucial we continue to provide additional benefits and coverage options for our members for a more holistic approach to managing their safety and wellbeing,” added Repp.
Below is a recap of the COVID-19 benefits and services AvMed continues to provide to its members.
Zero Cost Diagnostic Testing: AvMed is encouraging its members to immediately call their healthcare provider if they are experiencing symptoms or think they may have been exposed to COVID-19.  If it is determined that coronavirus testing is needed, AvMed will waive the cost share for diagnostic testing for fully-insured commercial and Medicare members until 7/31/2020.
Zero Cost Treatment: To make it as simple as possible for members, AvMed is waiving out-of-pocket costs for all COVID-19 treatment until 7/31/2020. AvMed will also administer a waiver for self-funded group health plans at their request.  The treatments covered at no out-of-pocket cost for COVID-19 are those covered under Medicare or other applicable state regulations.
No Specialist Referral Requirements: To improve access to care during this difficult time, AvMed will also waive primary care-to-specialist referrals related to coronavirus testing and services until 7/31/2020. 
Increased Access to Prescription Medications: AvMed is also waiving early refill limits on 30-day prescriptions for maintenance medications until 7/7/2020 as per the state’s requirement. Members who wish to request a 90-day supply of their medication may do so as part of their benefit any time of the year.
Zero Cost Virtual Visits: To ensure that members have the access to the care they need without increasing their risk of exposure, AvMed wants to remind members to take advantage of their Virtual Visits benefit to access board-certified physicians conveniently from their computer or smartphone – – anytime, anywhere. AvMed’s Virtual Visits, powered by MDLive, can be accessed 24/7/365 and help reduce the opportunities for disease transmission by going to  To reduce barriers to access, AvMed is offering zero copays and cost share for any and all types of virtual visits until 7/31/2020. Additionally, where applicable, copays and cost share will be waived for telehealth visits, as well as telephone visits, members may need from their traditional healthcare providers.
Expanded Behavioral Health Access: During this time of heightened concern, AvMed is encouraging members who need help managing their stress and anxiety about the COVID-19 outbreak to tap into their plan’s behavioral health benefit through Magellan Health Services by calling 800-424-4810 or visiting for more information.     
Members who have questions or need additional information are encouraged to visit www.AvMed.Org/News/Coronavirus or call the Member Engagement Center at the number listed on their card. 
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