April 11, 2019 – Health care providers that want to participate in Medicare’s Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced program (BPCI Advanced) can soon look to Cerner, a global leader in health care technology, and naviHealth, an industry leader in post-acute care management, which plan to create a new offering for the program. The new value-based care offering is expected to support affordable and accessible health care centered on the patient.
Under BPCI Advanced, providers prospectively agree to a pre-defined reimbursement amount for 32 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)-defined episodes of care or chronic conditions. Bundled payment offerings can support better health care experiences for consumers with greater cost transparency, while also improving efficiency and reducing waste for health systems and providers.
After working together for five years to streamline electronic workflows for post-acute discharge, Cerner and naviHealth anticipate launching an offering to support BPCI Advanced, with initial focus on the next CMS launch of the program in January 2020. Working together, Cerner and naviHealth plan to give health systems and providers the ability to effectively participate in bundled payment arrangements while driving improved clinical outcomes and financial results. The new value-based, electronic health record-agnostic offering is expected to support affordable and accessible health care centered on the patient.
Earlier this year, Cerner announced a new operating model focused on relentlessly seeking breakthrough innovation that will shape the health care of tomorrow. This expanded relationship is just one example of two world-class companies coming together to address one area of health care that is ripe for improvement and modernization, reimbursement models and the shift to value-based care. This new offering is expected to help both organizations advance their clients’ successes, provide better health experiences and outcomes, and ultimately become the partner of choice for innovation in this space.
“Cerner is strongly committed to the ongoing push by CMS to advance the BPCI program,” said Don Trigg, executive vice president, Strategic Growth, Cerner. “naviHealth has a proven post-acute care track record and an established bundled payment solution. We are excited for our technology to facilitate their go-to-market approach.”
naviHealth is one of the largest conveners, or risk sharing partners, in the BPCI Advanced program today, providing services in 22 states to more than 140 hospital partners, and managing billions of dollars of spend annually. Cerner’s HealtheIntent® big data platform and comprehensive care management technologies complement naviHealth’s predictive assessment tools, care management platform and care navigation expertise in managing patients from the hospital through post-acute care.
“We’ve had tremendous success in the BPCI Advanced program, which is a major first step in the industry’s shift toward value-based care. It’s a huge opportunity for providers to achieve better outcomes while reducing costs. Through our relationship with Cerner, there are even greater avenues for success,” said Clay Richards, CEO, naviHealth. “Cerner is known for its clinical quality improvement and workflow integration, and our work with them in post-acute management has been instrumental in providing better patient care. Combining our operational, technological, and clinical expertise and solutions with Cerner’s big data platform, will make this joint offering truly unique in the industry.”
For more information about these organizations, visit www.cerner.com and www.navihealth.com.
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