Some of the highest praise a nurse can receive is to be described as an “exceptional leader” having “selfless dedication,” “passion,” and a “commitment to patients and team.” Within Memorial Healthcare System, saying someone “embodies our culture of deeper caring and smarter healthcare” is an even larger compliment.

All those words were recently written to describe the daily performance of Float Pool Clinical Manager Fabiana Peixoto.

“Fabi doesn’t realize how impactful her optimism, passion, persistence, resilience, and leadership are on the department’s morale because this is who she is as a person,” said Stephanie Paultre, nurse manager of Float Pool & Staffing. “Her light never fizzled during the pandemic; it only shined brighter with each challenge she faced.”

Peixoto was a zoologist in her native Brazil before realizing nursing was her true calling. “I like to influence people, help them heal, and lead our staff by example. The connections we can make are powerful,” she said.