The Board of Commissioners of the North Broward Hospital District voted to authorize Broward Health President/CEO Frank Nask to initiate and facilitate the transition of the daily operations and management of the healthcare system to a new community 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, while providing for the continued treatment of indigent patients in accordance with the health system’s charter.

This new community not-for-profit corporation will be able to develop a lease agreement with the North Broward Hospital District to operate the system’s hospitals, health centers and facilities, pursuant to Section 155.40, Florida Statutes. The approval of the resolution continues a due diligence process that was initiated more than a year ago. A final lease agreement will be voted upon by the Board at a later date.
Section 155.40, F.S., was enacted by the Florida legislature in 1982 in order to authorize the leasing of public hospitals to not-for-profit entities to allow them to compete with for-profit hospitals while continuing to provide citizens with quality healthcare. Under such a lease agreement the not-for-profit corporation would have greater flexibility to enter into business ventures that would normally not be allowed for a public hospital system.