For more than 19 years, Errand Express has provided courier services for clients all over Florida. Now that the business has moved into a new facility located in Palm Beach, they plan to offer even more services to their customers, including secure storage.

“On April 1st, we moved into our new location, which allows us to do a lot more for our customers,” explained Alice Kotsakis, who has owned Errand Express since 2002. “While we’ve always offered personalized courier services, now we can also offer packing, shipping, warehousing and storage.”

This is especially important for clients in the medical and pharmaceutical fields whose packages might need extra care. “Say a pharmacy ships medications to a patient’s home, and the person is not there to receive it,” said Kotsakis. “We can store that package in our warehouse, which has full security and 24-hour camera surveillance.” Errand Express also has refrigerated storage to keep perishables, like food and medications, from spoiling until those packages can be delivered.

While some health care items may not need immediate delivery, others require a faster turnaround, and this is where Errand Express excels. Its drivers, each of whom is OSHA-trained and approved, can rush delivery of emergency materials, including X-rays, blood, transplant organs and medications. “Many times, hospitals need to have these materials picked up and delivered within one hour, and we make that happen,” said Kotsakis.

One of the reasons that Errand Express can provide such fast service is that unlike many other courier companies, the business does not work on a hub system. “When our driver picks up a package, he or she delivers it directly to the recipient—it doesn’t get sorted with other packages from other customers,” said Kotsakis. “And while many companies offer delivery the next day, we offer same-day delivery in increments of one-to-two, three-to-four, and five-to-six hours.”

Though Errand Express is headquartered in Palm Beach, the company has independently contracted drivers all over the state. “The main areas we serve are Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach, as well as the Florida Keys,” said Kotsakis. “We can deliver anything from an envelope to a truckload, anywhere.”

Though Errand Express does a lot of work for health care providers, including hospitals, medical offices and pharmacies, they also provide services to the aviation industry, the courts and legal firms, architects, advertising firms, engineering firms and more. “We encourage everyone to give us a call, no matter what type of delivery or storage service they need,” said Kotsakis, who has been in the courier field since the age of 18. “We will be happy to discuss all of the options available and to provide them with a quote.”

Having been in business for almost two decades, Errand Express has earned the respect of many of its customers, who recommend them to other businesses. “We believe in very personalized service—when a client calls, they never talk to a machine. Our phones are staffed 24/7,” said Kotsakis.

“Most of our referrals are through word-of-mouth,” she added. “We have a lot of very satisfied customers.”