March 18 2021 – As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, Coral Gables Hospital  has  taken all necessary steps to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients and to protect our medical staff, employees and communities.
In this challenging time, we recognize other medical conditions do not stop for COVID-19. This includes chronic diseases, medical emergencies, new or worsening symptoms, childbirths, and ongoing conditions like heart disease, neurological deficits, cancer care or debilitating musculoskeletal conditions. In good conscience, neither can their treatment.
We have taken every precaution to make our emergency departments, imaging departments, cardiac labs and operating rooms safe for this care. Infectious diseases are something we manage daily. The following resources are in place.
Screening for all patients, visitors and staff prior to entry 
Social distancing practices including limiting visitors and vendors
Separate care pathways for potential or confirmed COVID-19 patients
Universal masking for all caregiver’s staff and patients
Rapid turnaround COVID-19 testing capabilities 
Ample inventory and pipeline of protective personal equipment
Telemedicine capabilities for virtual screening and specialist consultations
Heightened infection prevention policies across all sites of care
We have also been adjusting our actions has the situation evolves and at this time, we are happy to allow visitation to our non-COVID inpatients units. One visitor 18 years of age and above shall be allowed between the hours of 12:00 PM – 6:00PM. 
Outpatient Surgery: One visitor may stay in the patients room until procedure/surgery is completed. Following surgery, the inpatient policy will apply if patient is admitted.   
It is our mission to provide quality, compassionate care. You are central to that. We will continue to do so with resiliency and perseverance during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you for your steadfast commitment to all your patients and the communities we serve.