It’s not just the price of the product that makes up the total cost. The purchasing and approval process often amounts to more than the cost of the item. Maddy’s Print Shop in Sunrise has attacked this issue.

Thirty years ago, terms like Business Process Management (BPM) did not exist, let alone have an important role in managing your business. When Maddy’s opened its doors people brought items to duplicate. Some Maddy’s designed, others they merely copied. Never could Maddy’s principals have predicted its constantly changing role. Design, fulfillment, digital asset management, forms control, all have become part of the business’ everyday vocabulary. Maddy’s now partners with organizations not to merely reduce the cost of their printing, but to reduce and simplify the process of ordering them.

Maddy’s Print Shop, a 25-year-old family run printing business in Sunrise, Florida, services a myriad of businesses throughout Florida and the southeastern United States. Maddy’s handles offset and digital printing as well as all of the supporting graphic arts to design them. Steven and Madeline Lopata, originally from New Jersey, opened the first of their print shops in 1974. Today, the two can be found at Maddy’s on a daily basis — because even as the business evolves to more and more reliance on digital exchanges via the internet, both believe in the personal, hands-on approach.

As all multi-branch, multi-employee healthcare organizations are aware, managing the printing and identity needs can be a daunting process. Local control frequently leads to a disorganized manner of portraying their identity, on occasion even being out of legal compliance. Centralized control can lead to a bottleneck as executive level employees find themselves approving simple advertisements and local and regional support documents and promotional material. Fulfillment or pick and pack is usually out of the core skills of a typical health care company and difficult to maintain in house. When all processes can be outsourced to one company, added benefits include overall reduction in cost on the items as well as a tremendous reduction in the cost of the process. And the end result — a unified graphic image is assured throughout the organization.

One of the quickest ways to gain control is to allow the proofing process to go online. Ordering business cards online can eliminate several steps by setting up an approval process and having the employee basically fill in the needed information and then approve a visual, online proof, thereby cutting costs and days out of the process. Keeping forms online and pulling from an existing inventory reduces storage and frequently will limit the exposure when changes are made. Having the ability to do digital as well as offset printing can mean that local offices can have custom brochures without the custom cost associated and the approval process has been lifted from management’s responsibility. Having one central location for all your graphic elements means local ads and even simple flyers are maintaining company identity directives.

Maddy’s Print Shop expects that the expanding internet will help it and its customers continue to reduce the cost of doing business as well as ensure quality results.