Three Miami-Dade community health centers are the first in the nation to partner with the highly-regarded Studer Group for intensive training to achieve measurable change in all areas of their service culture and business operations.

The three health centers engaged in the Journey to Excellence are Community Health of South Florida, Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami Dade and Jessie Trice Community Health Centers. The Studer Group’s model has proven successful in more than 800 hospitals and hospital systems in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico. This is the first partnership with community health centers, considered the nation’s safety-net health provider. Community health centers serve more than 20 million Americans nationwide, many of whom are uninsured and from disadvantaged communities. The three community health centers are learning to use evidence-based leadership techniques, designed to create individual accountability for improved performance through aligned goals, behaviors and processes.
The centers are members of Health Choice Network, a health center-controlled network with members in ten states. “This was a huge step for us and our member centers,” said Kevin Kearns, President and CEO of Health Choice Network. “It will require us to change the way we work, interact and serve our patients. But it will ultimately turn some very good organizations into great organizations.” Joining the Miami Dade health centers are HCN members in Ft. Myers and Maryland.
“We are very excited to partner with these excellent community health centers,” said Jackie Gaines, a coach and senior executive at Studer Group. “Their employees and doctors are very dedicated and the centers have deep roots in the communities they serve. Through our partnership, the Centers can achieve even greater success with rapid improvement in patient care across the board.”