By Richard Grosso, CEO, and Scott Rice, MD, PHD, MBA, MS

Richard Grosso, CEO

Medical practices have an opportunity to significantly increase income by participating in Medicare Chronic Care Management (CCM), especially given the large 2022 increase in payments (up to 52%) for these services. Additionally, Your Doctor In Touch (YDIT) provides a Next Gen CCM program offering an innovative value-added service to help ensure practices participating in a Medicare value-based payment program, such as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) or the Merit-Based Payment System (MIPS), to receive maximum incentive payments.

Although the financial success of most ACOs makes a compelling case for practices to participate in one of these programs, many primary care practices in an ACO are challenged by the burden to meet required quality measures (QMs). Similarly, many primary care practices participating in the Medicare Incentive Payment System (MIPS) program are challenged to meet and report quality measures that earn sufficient points to receive incentive payments.

Medicare CCM Value   

Participation in Medicare Chronic Care Management (CCM) provides a golden opportunity for all medical practices to generate greater income, improve patient outcomes, and increase patient engagement. These positive results will in turn enhance the patient care experience, improve the enrolled population’s health, increase physician satisfaction, and reduce utilization of expensive health care services, thereby meeting the Quadruple Aim. However, most medical practices lack the resources and capabilities required to deliver Medicare CCM on their own and must therefore outsource CCM services.

Scott Rice, MD, PHD, MBA, MS

 Next Gen CCM Innovation

The YDIT Next Gen CCM program not only delivers traditional CCM services, but also tracks and monitors required QMs for both ACO-affiliated and MIPS-participating practices. This value-added service therefore mitigates the challenges related to meeting required quality measures, one of the greatest barriers to participation and retention of practices in a Medicare value-based payment program intended to help practices provide high value care.


Medical practices participating in both a Medicare value-based payment program and Next Gen CCM will increase income through reimbursement for delivered CCM and enhanced incentive payments, while reducing physician challenges. More importantly, enrolled patients receive significant health and financial benefits, and increase engagement in their care.

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