If supplemental insurance policies aren’t part of your benefits package, you may be denying your employees a valuable addition to your insurance program. These plans reduce the pressure for more company-paid benefits while introducing choice and portability at the employee level. Best of all, when offered under a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan, there are tax advantages for the company and the employees.

Do you remember the last time one of your employees had a health problem? Chances are he or she had to pay part of the medical bills out of his/her own pocket (not to mention related treatment and everyday living expenses) at a time of diminished income.

When something like this happens, you feel bad, they feel bad and morale suffers. You wish you could do more, but your benefits costs are rising substantially each year. Now you can do something, thanks to AFLAC. Our explosive growth and top industry rankings are based on corporate America’s need for supplemental insurance policies offered on a voluntary, payroll deduction basis. These portable policies are fully funded and chosen by the employee.

A recent study conducted by a leading independent industry consultant (LIMRA), showed that companies want insurance sold on a voluntary basis for the following reasons:

  • The policies give employees better benefits and more choices.
  • Employees ask for the benefits.
  • The policies offer a wider array of products.
  • They improve employee satisfaction.
  • The policies are provided at little or no cost to the employer.
  • They help attract/retain good employees.

And who better to help you take advantage of these plans than AFLAC. As an insurance industry leader in providing cafeteria plan services, we’ll help you set up the whole program with no disruption to your operation or work routine. Best of all your employees will appreciate the opportunity to buy any of a full array of policies with pre-tax dollars. (Even if you presently have a cafeteria plan, we may be able to make it smoother and more responsive.)

AFLAC offers a full range of supplemental policies that appeal enormously to employees in all income ranges and age groups. Some of the products offered by AFLAC include Short-Term Disability, Accident, Cancer, Personal Recovery Plus (Heart), Intensive Care, and Hospital Confinement. Plus, we’ll help you set up the whole program with no disruption in your operation or work routine.

Shouldn’t you find out why over 150,000 payroll clients have turned to AFLAC to strengthen their benefits programs without taxing their bottom line? Find out for yourself what 40 million people worldwide already know: AFLAC — Without it, no insurance is complete.