Author: Dr. Anne L. Drabczyk
Book description:
Healthcare Workforce Transitioning shares with educators and healthcare professionals alike the awareness, integration, and partnership that results from a successful process of framing a Healthcare Management Program around core competencies. To transition toward a successful healthcare career requires proficiencies in communication, leadership, professionalism, knowledge of the healthcare environment, and business skills. Competencies provide context to curriculum construction and build awareness of the role this standard plays in a career-ready workforce. Integrating professional development and service learning into co-curricular activities further strengthens outcomes. Partnering with healthcare professionals through ongoing World Café conversations, contributes a touchstone about expectations and accountabilities to be successful in a career.
This book draws on the World Café methodology, guidelines, and vignettes in developing performance assessment, coaching, training, and performance reviews. The author provides lessons learned throughout the text to illustrate the points made in the chapters. It also provides a proven participatory methodology applied to competency exploration, application, and authentication.
The healthcare workforce seems to be in as much transition as the healthcare system. With the current climate of staffing shortages, mergers, and uncertainty, there is an urgency to prepare a career-ready workforce to be accountable to meet these challenging dynamics. I wanted to share with academics and healthcare practitioners alike the positive impact of grounding an academic and professional development program around the competencies of communication, leadership, professionalism, knowledge of the healthcare environment and business skills.
Quote from Author:
There is a real synergy between grounding a program around competencies and then keeping the conversation going about how to adapt and implement these guideposts into healthcare workforce preparation and management.
Author Bio 
Anne L. Drabczyk Ph.D. is Chair of the Healthcare Management Program at Indian River State College on Florida’s Treasure Coast. In former positions, Dr. Drabczyk was the national program director for the Advanced Practice Center for Public Health Preparedness at the National Association of County and City Health Officials in Washington D.C. She was principal investigator for The Ohio State University College of Public Health, Center for Public Health Practice, where she liaised with the state of Ohio Department of Health to develop and execute strategic preparedness initiatives. Dr. Drabczyk has been a consultant for several clients in the public health enterprise, and interim CEO, directing reorganization of a national healthcare association. Anne lives in Stuart FL with her husband Toby. 
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