Now’s your chance to review your coverage and see if you can save money next year!

By comparing plans, you may find lower premiums and lower prescription drug costs. You may also find a plan that offers extra benefits, like vision, dental, or hearing coverage, transportation, or fitness benefits.


Keep in mind, the plan with the lowest monthly premium may not always give you the lowest total cost. When comparing plans, be sure to enter the list of prescription drugs you take regularly, and consider other out-of-pocket expenses as part of your total costs. And, always check that your drugs are covered by the plan you’re considering before enrolling.

Important: If your income for 2022 is below $18,600 ($25,000 for married couples), you may be able to save on your monthly Medicare premiums and other out-of-pocket Medicare costs, including prescription drug costs. See if you qualify for Medicare Savings Programs and learn how to apply.

Explore your options and choose a plan that best fits your needs and budget before Open Enrollment ends on December 7!