September 8, 2022  – Health Choice Network (HCN), the first nation-wide collaboration of health centers based in Miami, Florida with nearly 3 million unique patient lives, has achieved Epic Gold Stars Level 9 in recognition of the health center focused electronic health record (EHR) solutions offered since Epic Go-Live in April 2022.

This rating places HCN among a distinct group of approximately 12 percent of all organizations that have received this superiority across the Epic universe. Gold Stars Level 9 means HCN has adopted at least 85% of the Epic Gold Star features and is categorized as being a cutting-edge organization and a leader in EHR use.

The Epic Stars Program helps organizations on Epic better understand and maximize the use of the system and where to focus next. It measures organizations in specific areas by focus in patient access, patient experience, clinical quality and safety, population health management, physician productivity, nursing, and clinical team productivity, and more. It is based on overall adoption percentage of over 700 Gold Stars items.

Health Choice Network’s Chief Applications and Innovation Officer, Oscar Perez, says “We are only getting started. Achieving the highest Epic Gold Stars rating was an established goal set by leadership at HCN at the onset of our community health center unique build in 2021. This recognition does not come easy or without a price. Many organizations work across multiple years just to achieve a lesser Epic Star rating.”

Throughout HCN’s 28 years of expertise across multiple health systems, technology has been a critical component to advance and celebrate the amazing quality of care provided daily to those in need by health centers across the country.

“We have a prescriptive approach for a health center ecosystem. Our Board of Directors, the CEOs of these amazing Community Health Centers, invested in what was right and not necessarily easy. They governed our approach for the highest quality of care build and guaranteed success with the trust of our Associates’ commitment and loyalty to our health centers.” said President and CEO, Alejandro M. Romillo.

Thank you to the health centers  currently using Epic and the team members  involved in the Epic implementation to achieve Epic Gold Stars Level 9. This success is a true testament to the power of collaborative effort.


About Health Choice Network

Health Choice Network, Inc. (HCN) is a successful nation-wide collaboration among health centers, health center-controlled networks and partners. By providing key business services in financial, managed care and billing support, strategic initiatives and the latest in health information technology, participants can improve patient outcomes through increased efficiencies  and  more accessible care in  underserved communities. Operating in twenty states and territories serving nearly 3 million patients, HCN is recognized as a leader in the integration of health information technology among health centers and safety net providers.