Significant changes are sweeping healthcare. Bundled Payments are incentivizing healthcare providers to produce better outcomes at a lower cost. Failure to coordinate their approach to a 90-day episode of care for a total joint replacement for example, can have a devastating impact on a hospital’s clinical and financial results. Under fee-for-value, the patient’s well-being and the hospital’s success greatly depend on proactive risk mitigation by care teams.

As hospitals adjust course from fee-for-service to fee-for-value, they are aiming to prevent unnecessary costs, and turning to technology for help. Surgeons, clinicians, and executives are looking for affordable, customizable, and comprehensive solutions that promote cost-savings by providing intelligent, proactive visibility of surgical details and costs.
Tools that generate real-time information can empower care professionals with actionable insight to make patient-specific, cost-effective decisions that improve quality and outcomes.
With its dedication to proactive and transparent communication, Medtel enables hospitals to safely and effectively adapt to the world of value-based care. According to Lorraine Hutzler of The Center for Quality and Patient Safety at NYU, “Medtel is a simple solution to the issues that have come into play with pay for performance.”
The cloud-based platform delivers cost-savings models, implant decision guidelines, and risk identification features. It connects all relevant parties on a central platform accessible from any computer or personal device. Best of all, communication happens well before the date of surgery, helping hospitals reduce costs and readmissions, and allowing care teams to deliver highest value care for patients.
In order to maintain the highest-quality care, technology needs to be easy-to-use reducing the workload of the surgical team and providing real-time information that helps them manage their patients.
Dr. Gregory Montalbano of NYU explains Medtel’s value: “Medtel automates the workflow from my office to the hospital. My cases are seamlessly scheduled with implant requests and supplies, and vendors are automatically notified. Medtel streamlines the episode of care. It’s had a valuable influence on my staff, patients and me.”
“We firmly believe that our platform can provide the communication necessary among all providers in order to produce a successful outcome,” said Harold Mondschein, Co-Founder of Medtel.