MGE Architects announced that it has achieved LEED Gold Certification for West Kendall Baptist Hospital.
West Kendall Baptist Hospital is just the second hospital in Florida to earn LEED Gold Certification meaning all finishes, furnishings and construction incorporated LEED accredited goals and standards. Some of the project’s other green elements include open landscaped areas and water retention lakes for 100% irrigation, energy efficient lighting and air conditioning systems, automatic building controls and low-flow plumbing fixtures. The hospital was built to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds and has a central energy plant that can provide non-interrupted services for seven days.
The four-story, 282,000 square foot facility is built on 30 acres and is the centerpiece of a new urban town center located in Miami. It is the county’s first brand-new non-replacement hospital in more than 35 years. The project cost $210 million and has 133 beds and is expandable to 300 beds.