Hospice nurse Helen Walton, R.N., finds it meaningful to make a difference in the lives of those she cares for. She says, “I was working at a patient’s bedside as his family rallied around him. He was near death. His wife asked me: ‘What shall I do? I love him so much.’ I encouraged her and asked if she had spoken to him one-on-one and given him permission to go. She hadn’t. After arranging for them to be alone, the door opens after about thirty minutes, and she is tearful yet appears happy. She hugged me and said thank you. In turn, I thanked her for allowing me to share this moment. The family returned to the bedside. Within 30 minutes, the man passed away peacefully.”

It is significant moments like these that make Walton’s seven-year nursing career so satisfying. As a VITAS employee for 22 years, she was drawn to hospice care through a patient’s daughter.

“I look forward to coming to work because I love being a team player,” says Walton. “I am always willing to learn new things, no matter how challenging they may be.”