“Safe and Secure” In Times of Coronavirus
April 30, 2020 – Nuvo Suites is proud to be part of Sweetwater and Doral communities and now during the outbreak of Coronavirus is classified as an essential lodging hotel for greater Miami and Dade County. Nuvo Suites is welcoming all people that are displaced residents and visitors, healthcare and medical professionals, front-line responders, National Guard members and law enforcement and several others that are displaced during the crisis.
Nuvo Suites is actively providing extended stay accommodations for Miami hospitals for it’s medical staff in need at Jackson Memorial and Kendall Regional Medical Center.
Nuvo Suites is on the forefront of ensuring every precaution to give our guests and staff the utmost stay in a safe and secure extended stay environment.
Staff is wearing protective gloves and masks. Staff are monitored for temperature and logged for reference as precaution. Hotel staff is updated with ongoing training as for guest and precautionary measures.
Extensive cleaning procedures geared for concerns of front-line responders and the medical community. Hand sanitizers at all points both inside and outside of the hotel.
Applying “safe distance” practices with a minimum of six feet of separation at all times. Food is prepackaged for guests and all take-out and delivery options available.
Any and all visitors to the hotel (non-guests) will be screened before entry. 24-hour security and front desk services.
“We are pleased to have the medical community and front-line responders from area hospitals staying with us. They are literally on the front lines of the crisis and we support them. Nuvo Suites has strived to meet their needs as we are prepared to do our part, to offer them a safe, and secure extended stays”.  The medical community and front-line responders are often needed to stay away from their homes during the Coronavirus outbreak. Nuvo Suites has developed additional protocols to accompany them for extended stays and to allow them to return to work from a safe and secure location.
Virtual tours and photo images of extended stay suites and the precautions that are in places are available to view and access from a direct link https://www.mhcpcolab.com/nuvosuites-safeandsecure Virtual Media tours are scheduled via Zoom by online appointments with Chuck Castiglia, General Manager at chuck.castiglia@nuvosuites.com
About Nuvo Suites Part of Doral and Sweetwater communities of Miami-Dade just minutes West of the Miami International Airport, Nuvo Suites is just steps away from the International Mall and a short car ride from the Dolphin Mall. Doral is a less populated community than Miami, making it a nice calm respite from the hustle and bustle of the big city. A haven to the business traveler and the savvy shopper, too. The hotel caters to the guest’s every single need. Guests are also offered daily complimentary breakfast and valet parking throughout their stay. Guests of the property may also use the fitness center situated directly in front of the pool, 24-hour business center, and meeting rooms equipped with fast WIFI and an abundance of practical amenities. With the immense diversity of Miami, Nuvo Suites has established a hotel brand in the city suitable to guests from all around the world. www.nuvosuites.com
As stated by Miami Dade County emergency order 09-20: Hotels, motels, and other commercial lodging establishments are encouraged to continue to allow individuals with weekly and monthly long-term living agreements presently in place to maintain such living arrangements of residents during a time of crisis; this includes, but is not limited to: 1) persons unable to return their home due to COVID-19 impacts on travel, 2) persons who must vacate their homes due to exigent circumstances, 3) persons utilizing hotels as transitional living arrangements, or 4) persons sheltering in hotels due to domestic violence.