As the Thanksgiving season approaches, remember:

          All it takes is one undercooked turkey, and you’ll be the “dinner rolls” and “beverage” person for life …

I’m sure many might think the Felix family exaggerates when they regale others with Carol’s unique lack of cooking skills but trust us, we’ve got the medical records to prove it.

Like many other seemingly intelligent people, our family “genius” definitely has some glaring gaps in her education — namely medieval history, opera and cooking skills. Now the first two on this list can be easily researched and compensated for with her Google skills, but she’s never quite mastered the art of cooking even when reading recipes. And heaven help us when she decides to freelance and rely on her tastebuds for concocting a meal.

A few years ago, we agreed to allow her free rein to arrange to have the whole meal catered. What could possibly go wrong? Well, we quickly realized she couldn’t even vet a caterer and let’s just say we all ended up eating frozen pizza that night.

And that’s where family rides to the rescue. Our sons can cook, their wives can cook, and even some of our grandchildren have discovered the Food Channel on their streaming channels. So much like every year in the past few decades, Carol’s list is short … just bring the dinner rolls please.

Happy Turkey Day to all.

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