Things have been pretty quiet around the Felix household the last few weeks, figuratively and literally. After the successful removal of an annoying (but most importantly, benign) vocal cord growth last week, I was sentenced to 7 days of total voice rest. (Carol’s applause was deafening.)

According to the resident “warden,” my speaking privileges return tomorrow at 12:01 a.m. and not one second (or one little word) before then. I know many of you think – how tough could the last week possibly have been? Well, if you’re like I am and tend to   talk a lot and extremely loudly, this past week felt like months. And to make matters worse, my typing and spelling both leave a lot to be desired, so even my “type to voice” app was frustrating. Carol blames it on all my Zoom meetings and phone calls, often mentioning that even Alexander Graham Bell understood that increased volume didn’t necessarily equal clearer communication.

But alas, in a few short hours I get to consign my trusty white board, pen and eraser to the storage closet, while Carol breaks out her earplugs once again.