Can you briefly walk us through your story – How you started ? How you got to where you are today?
22 years ago I was leaving a Fellowship in Prostatic Disease in Australia for a Chief of Urology position in Berkeley, California.  My life could not be any further from those fledgling plans.  After years of dedicating myself to the surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction, I find myself running the largest training program in the world for the placement of penile implants:  we have trained over 600 surgeons from all over the world.  For the last 10 years our practice has consistently placed more penile implants/year than any other individual (to date no country has beat us)!  Most importantly, PeritoUrology has helped introduce the minimally invasive penile implant.  This patented procedure has redirected the paradigm for prosthetic surgery changing a 2 hour operation fraught with potential complications into a 15 minute procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia with great safety and efficacy.  
 We are always bombarded how great is it for you to  pursue your passion?
I am both honored and blessed to have a support team unparalleled by any known institutions.  Most of our office staff have been with us for 22 years and they know and understand Men’s Health issues better than most of my peers.  Our operating teams (pre-op, intra-op and post-op care) at Coral Gables Hospital never cease to amaze my trainees as well as my patients.  They truly love what they do.  My corporate partnerships have allowed me the privilege of having my own Research Fellow so we can continue pursuing data in the ever growing field of Men’s Health.  These partnerships has also provided me with a Program Director for our training programs making Miami a surprising academic destination.  
Tell us about your practice?
PeritoUrology is the kind of practice where a male patient can be "one and done".  Men, and women for that matter, do not like to be passed around from appointment to appointment.  At PeritoUrology we try to identify the pathology and come up with a series of options for the patient on the same day.  For those suffering from the ravages of Prostate Cancer and the associated treatments, this process may take two visits, but, our goal for our Men’s Health patients is to have them diagnosed, treated and rehabilitated as rapidly as we can.  Time is invaluable and we appreciate that at PeritoUrology.
So what’s next any big plans?
I am actually looking forward to slowing down as the new addition at PeritoUrology, a Fellowship-trained urologist named Dr. Matthew Brennan, further ramps up our prosthetics division with a greater dedication to the treatment of male incontinence as well as erectile dysfunction.  I will continue to focus on penile implants with a greater emphasis on teaching.