The Team Tommy Foundation Board of Directors attended the Myositis Association’s Annual Patient Conference in Louisville, Kentucky earlier this month in an effort to learn more about the rare auto-immune disease that took the Foundation’s namesake, Tommy Worthington in July 2012.  Since Tommy’s death due to Dermatomyositis, a form of Myositis disease the all-volunteer Board have raised funds for patients with Myositis diseases and their caregivers to attend this single, expert laden event each year.  For the past three years, Team Tommy Foundation has provided scholarships to 5 patients and their caregivers each year to attend the Annual Patient Conference.  Over 500 attendees from around the U.S., Canada and the World were in attendance in Louisville.  Also this year, the Foundation’s co-Founder, Laurie Ann Boyer was named to the national Board of the Myositis Association and is currently serving through 2020.
Experts in the field of rheumatology, neurology, dermatology and endocrinology presented at the conference and shared current data for the various forms of Myositis diseases including Inclusion body myositis, Dermatomyositis, Necrotizing myopathy and Juvenile myositis.  With such rare diseases come a plethora of questions from this unique patient population, all of whom are looking for answers. 
Patients who are diagnosed with these diseases slowly lose the use of their larger muscle groups (think quadriceps, deltoids, hamstrings) and are unable to ambulate around the conference venues.  Board members from Team Tommy were on hand to not only share information with those in need of financial support, but also to assist with breakout sessions.  Many sessions are recorded at the annual patient conference for those unable to attend to learn more about.  
To help the Team Tommy Foundation in their continued efforts to raise scholarship funds, financial assistance as well as contribute to funding research, please visit their website, and learn how.  The Foundation will host its annual Birthday Bash commemorating Tommy’s birthday on December 8th at the Tipsy Tiki in Downtown Fort Pierce.  Special thanks to Constance Hegbar DeGolier for her donation of this incredible, lively space.
Contact the Team Tommy Foundation at for more information.    
Team Tommy Foundation is a local, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization established to raise funds for families with Myositis diseases, finance research and promote awareness.  Team Tommy Foundation was started in honor of Tommy Worthington, a St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputy who succumbed to Dermatomyositis in July 2012.  All proceeds will go towards providing financial assistance to patients and their families living with Myositis diseases and to The Myositis Association for Myositis research. Visit us at for additional information.