By Jay Juffre

I know they are streaming everywhere, and my friends and family have tons of recommendations, but I simply do not have the time to watch multiple episodic shows. If I can, I usually can pick out one series and then try and carve out some time to meander through it. I am more of the History or Discovery Channel type. Teach me everything I need to know about the moon landing in an hour, and my television bug is satisfied. I particularly like the (fill in the noun) That Built America series. It’s fascinating to me to learn how frozen food originated or the Big 3 automakers came to be. No matter the subject, there seems to be a common theme that runs through all the episodes. The most successful people or companies always seem obsessed by one thing, and they became great at it. They also viewed anything other than their primary focus an unnecessary distraction which needed to be completely ignored. Whenever I speak to customers, most will tell me that their number one goal is patient care, usually followed by staff engagement, and some of them absolutely mean it. These all align, enable and execute with minimum distractions. They realize simply taking great care of the patients and their people will naturally drive other key areas like revenues, efficiency, safety, etc. Others talk a good game and are sincere in their desire to drive certain outcomes, but ultimately their teams become distracted. Here is a good test for any organization, large or small. Write down the number one goal on a piece of paper. First ask yourself how much time you devote each day to driving it. Think about how much time your team devotes. Then if you want to have some fun, ask each member of your team, one, if they even know what the top priority of the organization is and secondly, what they are doing each day to help achieve it. The answers could surprise you.

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