By: Howard Wolkowitz
My heart and soul go out to our community health care heroes who are now putting their own health and wellness at risk for us. Thank you for your commitment to keep us well and alive.
In an unprecedented move, life insurance companies are still committed to protecting families during this pandemic crisis. They have actually made it easier to obtain valuable life insurance now.
Many companies are offering an express track for currently healthy people.  The highlights include a simple online questionnaire and phone interview. If you are under age 60 and healthy, you can be approved in 3-5 days, without an in-person screening, and without lab work.
These are mainstream insurance companies offering the same policies and same pricing prior to this crisis. If you qualify for the best rating and pricing, you will get it.
As of now, I am available on a priority basis to assist healthcare providers to review any existing policies and put new coverage in place ASAP. I realize your life and hours are crazy and will do my best to accommodate your unpredictable schedule.
Many of you know me as someone who has served our healthcare market for the past 27 years. I have written a Financial Guide for Doctors and Nurses, spoken at your healthcare functions and residency programs and provided trusted advice to our healthcare community.
Feel free to email and call me @ or 954-558-3673.
Howard Wolkowitz