Here are the top 10 telecom billing errors to watch out for:
Billed for Disconnected Services
If you requested that services be discontinued, look over your bill carefully. You may be charged for services you no longer have.
Billed for Services that Belong to Another Customer
Make sure that you’re actually being billed for your services, and not paying for someone else’s.
Usage in Excess of Your Plan Allowances
Continually using more services than your plan allows for – then you end up paying premium rates for those services above and beyond your plan.
Usages Far Below Plan Allowance
On the other hand, did you agree to purchase services that you don’t use? If this describes your situation, then you’re overpaying.
Billed on Multiple Accounts by the Same Vendor
If you have a large company with multiple accounts, then you need to cross check these accounts to make sure that you are not paying out of both accounts for the same services.
The “One Size Fits All” Approach
Just because the plan is right for one customer doesn’t make it the best for you. Don’t choose a plan that’s the most popular if it doesn’t fit your needs.
Billed for Services on Outdated Plans
Telecom changes so quickly that plans become outdated fast. If your plan is outdated, so are your prices.
Billed for Services Not Under Contract
If you are not entirely sure what you agreed upon for services, then you may be paying in error for services that are not in your contract.
Billed for Obsolete Services
If you haven’t reconsidered services that you contracted for in past years, there may be a less expensive way of doing things.
Identifying the problem is the first step toward solving it. Become aware of the top billing errors and you can start to change them.