According to the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, the costs of replacing a worker can be substantial – up to $7,000 for professional and managerial employees. So it makes a lot of sense to keep good employees, and to work with them to ensure that they don’t want to leave.

There are numerous ways that this can be done, ranging from providing substantial benefits packages to offering flexible schedules. But it’s also important in the hiring phase to make sure that the employee is a good fit for the company – and that both parties will benefit from the relationship.
“We look for people who have a strong work ethic and believe in teamwork,” explained Melissa Marchand, a physician assistant at Z Urology. “While everyone has individual responsibilities, we are also all expected to help each other out; it’s a very busy practice, so an employee needs to be willing to step in when needed.
“Because we work with patients, we also look for people who are kind-hearted and compassionate,” she added. “We treat our patients, and our employees, like family, and a lot of people stay here for that reason.”
Z Urology employs approximately 30 people at its offices in Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale, and the practice is in the process of opening a third office in Pompano Beach. The company provides significant benefits, which include a 401K, paid time off, and health insurance including dental and vision coverage with the majority of the premiums being paid by the practice. “We also have flex hours, and people can work full- or part-time,” said Marchand, adding that the majority of the practice’s employees are females with families.
“What’s really nice is that Dr. Zahalsky and the partners are very open and flexible; they understand that there are things in your life that you can’t control, like a sick child at school that needs to be picked up,” she continued. “It’s a very easy-going atmosphere, and even though Dr. Z is the boss, he’s also very approachable. That makes it easy to work for him and the other physicians.”
This approach ensures that employees stay, which has an added benefit for patients. Said Marchand, “No one likes to go to the doctor, but when you see familiar faces, it makes for a more comfortable experience.”