While Dr. Inbar Saporta works as a clinical cardiologist with experience in a wide variety of cardiac conditions, her recent focus is on women with high-risk pregnancies.

“Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of maternal mortality in the U.S., and the rates are rising. Many of these are preventable,” said Saporta, whose fellowship training took place at Cooper University Hospital in southern New Jersey. “The subspecialty of cardio-obstetrics was formed to address this very specific issue. The goal is to improve maternal outcomes by early recognition of risk factors, evaluation, initiation of treatment and maintaining long term follow up.” She is currently the only one in her professional group with this concentration.

Dr. Saporta says that her key to success is creating a trusting relationship with patients, making it clear she is their healthcare advocate. “I want every patient who comes through our doors to feel they have the support, education, and guidance to be as healthy as possible,” she said.