When I visit my clients who have Caregivers, I always admire the patience and dedication they demonstrate. Depending on the patient, there are different needs to each individual, which can sometimes put physical demands on the Caregiver, putting their own health at risk. As a Lifestyle Fitness Coach, my passion is to help individuals become the best they can be. The following is a few tips a Caregiver could incorporate into their daily routine to help themselves and their patients.
1. Turn off the news or TV and play music. The music should be from the era of the patient. They may only have records, but Music CD’s are only a couple of dollars for the Big Band Music. Not only will they be happier, the Caregiver can take advantage of the music and dance. The patient (sitting in a chair) may want to dance with you, maybe just clapping their hands. Now both of you are accidentally exercising. Health benefits for both of you.
2. Balloons are a great way to help both of you. Just blowing up a balloon is exercise. It may be too much of a challenge for the patient, but great for the caregiver to benefit from. Tossing a balloon to each other (with your patient sitting in a stable chair) brings flexibility to the joints and oxygen to the brain.
3. An active brain is a healthier brain. Pick a letter from A-Z. Say you pick “B”. Now think of as many words that start with the letter B, not repeating the same word. Pick different letters on different days.
4. Many Caregivers wash clothes while they are with the patient. Have the patients help you fold the clothes. You can play the letter game at the same time, really using the brain.
5. Water is the key essential to health. Both the Caregiver and patient should drink water. A bit of Stevia in the water, which is a natural sweetener, may help in drinking more water for the patient, as they may say it’s too plain. Stay away from sugar in the water.
By helping the patient become stronger and more involved, it will make the Caregiver’s day become easier and not as stressful. With all the stress around us each day, everyone can use a little less stress. Your health and fitness is not a destination, but a journey to be taken each day for the rest of your life. Enjoy that Journey with good health and happiness.