One of the most important practices to institute in your office is the documentation of every action and interaction that takes place on an account. No matter how trivial the activity may seem, every detail has the potential to later play a key role, beginning with the date the claim is submitted and ending with the date final reimbursement is received.

The date and time of every call made to the payor should be documented in your system and should also include the name of the payor representative and the reference number for the call. Similarly, any calls made to a patient or received on behalf of a patient should be noted in the system, specifying the details of the conversation including the date and time of the call. In the event that a payor requests additional information, make an entry listing of all the documentation submitted in response including the date and method of delivery. If that payor calls again and asks for the same information, you’ll know exactly what, how, where, and when it had originally been sent to them.

A well documented history of all activity on an account can prove invaluable when you least expect it – but you’ll be so glad you had it.